Dr Andries Potgieter

QAAFI's Dr Andries Potgieter (left) produces regular seasonal outlooks for sorghum and wheat producers in Queensland. These high-value reports (see below) are written in an easy-to-read style and are issued free. New wheat reports will uploaded on this page as soon as they come to hand.

About Dr Andries Potgieter

Dr Potgieter (left) obtained a Bachelor of Science (Hons, MSc) in Mathematical Statistics at the University of the Orange Free State in 1991 and completed his PhD in the use of remote-sensing technologies, discriminating between specific and total winter cropping areas across regions and seasons, at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia in 2009.

Before coming to QAAFI in 2010, Dr Potgieter worked for the Queensland Government for more than 11 years as a senior research scientist. His main research interest is in the complex integration of spatial production modelling, climate forecasting and remotely sensed systems at a regional scale. In particular, his interest targets agricultural research that enhances the profitability and sustainability of spatial production systems through a better understanding of the linkages and interactions of such systems across a range of spatial (e.g. field, farm, catchment, national), and temporal (i.e. seasons to decades) scales.


Seasonal crop outlook on wheat (August 2015)

Seasonal crop outlook on wheat (July 2015)

Seasonal crop outlook on wheat (June 2015)

Seasonal crop outlook on wheat (May 2015)

Current soil water conditions and the seasonal rainfall outlook (incorporating the Southern Oscillation Index) indicate that chances remain high for a below to very-much below median wheat crop for the 2014 winter season across most of Queensland. More specifically, almost all regions are having predicted likely crop yield outcomes falling in the bottom 30% of all years ...  [/more]

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