THE Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) is a unique UQ research institute, comprised of three frontline centres, which was formed as a strategic alliance between The University of Queensland and the Queensland Government.

QAAFI brings together scientists from across the plant, animal and food sciences, working closely with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

Our mission is to significantly improve the competitiveness and sustainability of tropical and sub-tropical food, fibre and agribusiness sectors through high-impact science.

Our vision is to pursue sustainable agriculture and food through science and innovation.

We deliver world-leading research in the plant, animal, nutrition and food sciences, resulting in discovery, learning, and engagement.

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QAAFI is a Research Institute of The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia. Headed by a Director appointed by UQ and the Queensland Government, QAAFI was officially launched on 21 October 2010 with backing from Queensland’s major agricultural and food technology groups.


During the first five years of operation, QAAFI will strive to:

QAAFI Annual Report 2013

14 Aug 2014
QAAFI enjoyed a momentous 2013, experiencing its busiest year to date. With release of the QAAFI Review, our growing relationship with a new state-government administration, and steady growth across-the-board, there has been scant time for reflection. Despite the rapid pace, we have witnessed significant improvements and change.

Locations of QAAFI facilities

QAAFI draws together more than 100 research teams specialising in plant, animal and food sciences from 15 UQ and Queensland Government sites across the state.

Our Partners & Sponsors

QAAFI has a growing range of partners in both industry and government.

QAAFI Annual Report 2012

30 Sep 2013
DOWNLOAD the QAAFI 2012 annual report for detailed information about the institute and its research. In 2012, QAAFI attracted more than $23 million in external funding for research projects across many areas of agriculture, nutrition and food sciences. In our first two years of operations, QAAFI’s funded research increased by more than 40 per cent – a remarkable achievement. This trend comes amid a growing awareness, both home and abroad, of the urgent need to invest in agriculture, nutrition and food. In terms of agriculture and forestry, and environmental sciences The University of Queensland is now, for the first time, among the world’s top 10 research universities.

QAAFI Research Staff (A-Z)

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QAAFI's Performance – The first two years

Director's report on QAAFI's first two years of operations

QAAFI Intranet

Link to the QAFFI Intranet. Only accessible by QAAFI personnel.

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