Professor Graeme Hammer
Professor Graeme Hammer

Professor in Crop Science
Director, Centre for Plant Science


Professor Graeme Hammer obtained Bachelor degrees in Science (Forestry) (Uni of Melb) and Arts (Mathematics) (Uni Qld) before completing a research masters on forest growth modelling (Uni Melb) and a PhD in crop physiology and modelling (Kansas State Uni). Prior to his current role as CPS Director, Professor Hammer worked as a Professorial Research Fellow in Crop Science, at the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, in a position supported by Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and GRDC. He worked as a research scientist for DAFF in Toowoomba and Brisbane before joining UQ in 2001. He was awarded both the Australian Medal for Agricultural Science and the Farrer Memorial Medal in 2012.

Graeme conducts research on the physiology and genetics of complex adaptive traits in field crops with a focus on water productivity in cereals. His research underpins the development of mathematical models of crop growth, development and yield that enable simulation of consequences of genetic and management manipulation of crops in specific target environments.

Professor Hammer's research approach provides unique opportunities to:

  • Aid crop management and design for enhanced production in water-limited environments;
  • Enhance the utility of genomics capabilities in molecular breeding for drought adaptation;
  • Identify avenues to cope with climate risk and adapt to climate change in field crop production.


Prof. Hammer's research capabilities are focused on the major cereal crops: sorghum, maize and wheat. His expertise in crop ecophysiology and modelling enable Graeme to investigate traits and management systems that have the potential to deliver productivity gains in water-limited production environments. He collaborates closely with plant breeders, geneticists, molecular biologists and agronomists in a range of national and international research projects in both public and private sectors. He leads the UQ node of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Translational Photosynthesis ( and the UQ link to the APSIM Initiative, which is responsible for the on-going development of the APSIM modelling software platform (

His research has focussed on traits and management systems that influence resource capture and resource use efficiency, including tillering and canopy development, root system architecture, maturity, carbon and nitrogen partitioning, light use and transpiration efficiencies. The detailed understanding that transpires from such work can generate approaches to phenotyping that provide avenues for linking with advanced approaches to molecular breeding and crop improvement.


Professor Hammer has published more than 150 journal articles and book chapters and is recognised by Thomson-ISI as one of the most highly cited authors in agriculture science. He has been an invited speaker at many international symposia relevant to his research field. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology and Queensland Primary Industries Research Achievement Award recipient. He is the UQ Research Leader and one of the founders of the APSIM Initiative (, a joint venture with CSIRO and Qld Govt to develop and maintain the agricultural simulation platform (APSIM), which is now used world-wide in agricultural research and development. He is a member of the scientific advisory committee for the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University, New York, and of the advisory board for the NCRIS Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, which has nodes at Uni of Adelaide and CSIRO, Canberra.


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Prof. Graeme Hammer
Professor in Crop Science
Director, Centre for Plant Science
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