Prof Stephen Moore, Director QAAFI Centre For Animal Science

RESEARCHERS at the QAAFI Centre for Animal Science (CAS) work to improve animal health, welfare and productivity outcomes in the animal industries, and lead tropical livestock research and development in Australia.

CAS undertakes major research, teaching, consultancy and community-based service programs. The CAS research portfolio includes:

  • Animal health programs, focused on pest and disease control through improved detection, monitoring and vaccine technologies, plus application of integrated pest management systems. Public health, food safety and biosecurity are major components of this program
  • Animal behaviour programs, focussing on welfare and ethics
  • Animal improvement programs, focused on genetics, breeding and reproduction as well as animal nutrition, metabolism and growth
  • CAS scientists work across several industries, including meat and livestock, poultry, pork and sheep.

The Northern Beef Research Initiative is one of several new strategies destined to underpin Queensland’s wider economic growth, resulting in a more productive and resilient economy. The northern herd accounts for almost 70 per cent of the Australian beef industry. With cattle produced in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia, the total gross value
of the northern beef industry is estimated at $5 billion annually.

Centre Director, Professor Stephen Moore (above right) has more than 20 years’ experience in bovine genomics, including his role as Chair in Bovine Genomics at the University of Alberta since 1999. In his role as CEO Livestock Gentec, University of Alberta, Professor Moore led many successful projects to identify genes that underlie production and quality traits in cattle.

The expertise he brings to QAAFI’s Centre for Animal Science reflects the centre’s capacity to embark on research to help Australian and international livestock industries flourish now and into the future.




Centre for Animal Science
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CAS Administration Officer
Melissa Rowan

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Northern Beef Research Alliance

The Northern Beef Research Alliance (NBRA) is a research collaboration between The University of Queensland, CSIRO and the Queensland Government that will deliver state-wide returns for northern beef producers through a more coordinated approach to research.

Prof. Stephen MOORE

Director - Centre For Animal Science (CAS) Professor Stephen Moore
Focus has been in establishing and leading successful bovine genomics programs, most recently a
multi-institutional collaboration involving the University of Alberta, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and Agriculture and Agrifood Canada. Played leadership roles in numerous projects, examining the genetic basis of feed efficiency in cattle.

Heat Stress In Dairy Cows: A Mini-Review of 25 Years’ Research At Unitus

Special seminar : Studies carried out under different experimental conditions (climate chamber, field and in vitro) indicate that heat stressed dairy cows may undergo dramatic changes in endocrine, metabolic, oxidative and immune status. These observations may assist in explaining the lower productivity, reproductive failure and higher risk of diseases and premature culling often associated with increased heat load over summer seasons. Furthermore, conditions of severe heat stress are also responsible for higher risk of death. Also, a number of studies documented that heat stress in dairy cows is associated with lower chemical, nutritional and technological quality of milk. The hope is that short and long term adaptation to hot environments may be achieved by nutritional and genetic interventions, respectively.

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