Dr Jack Christopher
Dr Jack Christopher

Dr John (Jack) Christopher

Research Scientist, CPS


1988: Degree in Agricultural Science with Honours in Agricultural Biochemistry, University of Adelaide.
1994: PhD "Mechanisms of Resistance to Herbicides Which Inhibit Acetolactate Synthase", University of Adelaide.
1994 - 2000: Post doc, James Cook University, Carbohydrate metabolism in plants with the drought adaptation Crassulacean Acid Metabolism.
2000 - 2002: Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics, Southern Cross University, expressed sequence tag markers for wheat.
2002 - 2010: Wheat physiologist QDPI (now DAFF), Adaptation to water limitation and frost tolerance in wheat.
2010 - present: Research Fellow QAAFI, Adaptation to water limitation and frost tolerance in wheat.

  • Wheat adaptation to water-limited environments
  • Wheat root architecture
  • Wheat and barley adaptation to frost post spike emergence


Dr Jack (John) Christopher
Leslie Research Centre, 13 Holberton Street
PO Box 2282, Toowoomba, Queensland 4350
Tel: 4639 8813 or 0434 609 152
Fax: 4639 8800
Email:  j.christopher@uq.edu.au
Website: www.qaafi.uq.edu.au


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