Dr Jack Christopher
Dr Jack Christopher

Dr John (Jack) Christopher

Research Scientist


1988: Degree in Agricultural Science with Honours in Agricultural Biochemistry, University of Adelaide.
1994: PhD "Mechanisms of Resistance to Herbicides Which Inhibit Acetolactate Synthase", University of Adelaide.
1994 - 2000: Post doc, James Cook University, Carbohydrate metabolism in plants with the drought adaptation Crassulacean Acid Metabolism.
2000 - 2002: Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics, Southern Cross University, expressed sequence tag markers for wheat.
2002 - 2010: Wheat physiologist QDPI (now DAFF), Adaptation to water limitation and frost tolerance in wheat.
2010 - present: Research Fellow QAAFI, Adaptation to water limitation and frost tolerance in wheat.
  • Wheat adaptation to water-limited environments

  • Wheat root architecture

  • Wheat and barley adaptation to frost post spike emergence

  • Frederiks T.M., Christopher J.T., Fletcher, S.E.H. and Borrell A.K. (2011) Post head-emergence frost resistance of barley genotypes in the northern grain region of Australia.  Crop and Pasture Science 62:1-10.

  • Manschadi A.M., Christopher J.T., Hammer G.L. and deVoilP. (2010) Experimental and modelling studies of drought-adaptive root architectural traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).  Plant Biosystems, Vol. 144(2), 458-462.

  • Christopher J.T. and Dang Y (2009) Superior performance in the presence of sub-soil constraints and under water constraints is associated in certain wheat genotypes. SABRAO Journal of Breeding and Genetics, Volume 41, Special supplement, ISBN 1029-7073.

  • Christopher J.T., Manschadi A.M., Hammer G.L., and Borrell A.K. (2008) Developmental and physiological traits associated with high yield and stay-green phenotype in wheat. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 59: 354-364.

  • Manschadi A.M., Hammer G.L., Christopher J.T., and DeVoil P. (2008) “Seedling root architectural traits and drought adaptation in wheat” Plant and Soil 303:115-129.

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  • Manschadi A.M., Christopher J.T., deVoil P. and Hammer G.L. (2006) The role of root architectural traits in adaptation of wheat to water-limited environments.  Functional Plant Biology 33:823-837.

  • Christopher J.T., Holton T.A., Ablett G., Eggler P. and Henry R.J. (2003) Single nucleotide polymorphisms in cytochrome P450 genes from barley. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 106:676-682.

  • Holton T.A., Christopher J.T., McClure L. and Henry R.J. (2002) Identification and mapping of polymorphic SSR markers from expressed gene sequences of wheat and barley, Molecular Breeding, 9:63-71.

  • >McRae S.R., Christopher J.T., Holton J.A.M. and Smith J.A.C. (2002) Sucrose transport across the tonoplast of Ananas comosus L.: evidence for a low affinity uniport.  Functional Plant Biology, 29:717-724.

  • Christopher J.T., and Holtum J.A.M. (1998) The dicot Erodium moschatum (L) H’HEr. ex Aiton is sensitive to haloxyfop herbicide due to herbicide-sensitive acetyl-conezymeA carboxylase.  Planta207: 275-279.

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  • Christopher J.T., and Holtum J.A.M. (1996) Patterns of carbon partitioning in leaves of Crassulacean acid metabolism species during deacidification. Plant Physiology 112:393-399.

  • Preston C., Tardif F.J., Christopher J.T. and Powles S.B.P. (1996) Multiple herbicide resistance to dissimilar herbicide chemistries in a biotype of Lolium rigidum is due to enhanced activity of several degrading enzymes. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology  55:123-134.

  • Christopher J.T., Preston C. and Powles S.B. (1994)  Malathion antagonises metabolism-based chlorsulfuron resistance in Lolium rigidum.  Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, 49: 172-182.

  • Burnett M., Christopher J.T., Powles S.B. and Holtum J.A.M. (1994)  Identification of two mechanisms of sulfonylurea resistance within one population of rigid ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) using a selective germination medium.  Weed Science, 42(3): 468-484.

  • Christopher J.T., Powles S.B., and Holtum J.A.M. (1992)  Resistance to acetolactate synthase herbicides in annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) involves at least two mechanisms. Plant Physiology,100: 1909-1913.

  • Christopher J.T., Powles S.B., Liljegren D.R. and Holtum J.A.M. (1991) Cross-resistance to herbicides in annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) II. Chlorsulfuron resistance involves a wheat-like detoxification system.  Plant Physiology 95: 1036-1043.
  • Borrell AK, Frederiks T, and Christopher JT, Nationally coordinated frost trials and physiological studies of frost resistance in wheat and barley,  with external funding from the Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation
  • Christopher JT, Borrell AK, Hammer GL, Optimised wheat root architecture for increased yield and yield stability in the face of a changing climate,  with external funding from the Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation.



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Dr. Jack (John) Christopher
Research Fellow
Queensland Alliance for Agricultural and Food Innovation
University of Queensland
Telephone 07  4639 8813 or Mobile 0434 609 152  Facsimile 07  4639 8800
Email j.christopher@uq.edu.au
Website www.qaafi.uq.edu.au 
(Leslie Research Centre, 13 Holberton Street
PO Box 2282, Toowoomba  Queensland  4350)




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